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For on-line ordering, click on catalogue.

  • All DVDs priced as follows:
    Purchase Price: $75.00 plus S&H, except The Four Phases of Resolution, The Seminar Group, and Teaching Resources: $50.00 each plus S&H.
  • Shipping for USA addresses: $8.50 per item. For other countries or shipping methods, please call us.
  • $10.00 processing charge on all mail or FAX orders. Avoid this charge by ordering online.
  • All DVDs are in NTSC format, unless a Special Order is placed for PAL; please call for prices and details.
  • Payment in U.S. funds, by check or money order. Credit only on approved accounts.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Copying Prohibited
  • Broadcasting of tapes on television, including cable-tv, is prohibited without written permission.

This is not an on-line order form. For on-line ordering, click on catalogue. $8.50 S&H on all on-line orders.

To use this form, download (click here), print out the page, fill it in, and mail or fax it to:

Edward Feil Productions, LLC
PO BOX 2243
Jasper, OR 97438
541-521-2411 (voice)
877-582-1158 (FAX)

If ordering from outside the United States, you may wish to contact a closer distributor. Please call or write to these distributors for details on costs and shipping; details will vary.

Canada (Videos Only)
Canada Learning Co., Inc.
95 Vansittart Avenue
Woodstock, Ontario
Canada N4S 6E3
(519) 537-2360
U.K. (Videos & Books)
Telford Road
Bicester, Oxon OX6 OTS
United Kingdom
Tel: 01869 244644
Fax: 01869 320040
Validation Study Group
5-3-18-207 Kawahira Aoba-ku
Sendai-shi Miyagi-pref.,
Spanish Book Editions
Emperesa Editorial Herder
Provenza 388
08025 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. 93 476 26 27/33
Fax 93 207 34 48


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