Video Excerpts

Introduction to Validation: Communicating with very old people diagnosed with Alzheimer's-type dementia (25 minutes)

This DVD provides an excellent overview and introduction to the Validation Method. Using demonstrations by Naomi Feil and Vicki de Klerk working with people diagnosed Alzheimer's-type dementia, both principles and techniques are illustrated. This is a great DVD for those new to Validation as well as students of Validation. A great inservice teaching tool.

Communicating with the Alzheimer's-type Population: The Validation Method (19 Minutes)

This practical documentary offers caregivers techniques for communicating with disoriented very old people (probable Alzheimer's or related disorders). The video addresses how to deal with elderly people who begin making unfair or seemingly irrational accusations against those who care for them. By way of example, the video shows caregivers what to do when an 85 year old woman wanders from home, doesn't recognize her family, and becomes abusive. In clear "before" and "after" scenes, Muriel and Marge offer families and staff helping techniques that will reduce burnout for caregivers and stress for the very old person.

The Four Phases Of Resolution (8 minutes)

This DVD documents a final life struggle called resolution, which involves very old people diagnosed Alzheimer's-type dementia. In PHASE 1. Mal-orientation - the person is mostly oriented to time, place and person. In PHASE 2. Time Confusion - the person is not oriented to time and place In PHASE 3. Repetitive Motion - the person uses movements instead of speech to express human needs. In PHASE 4. Vegetation - the person has minimal movement, blank expression, no speech. In the final stage of resolution, buried emotions surface. The very old struggle to express themselves and need someone to listen with empathy: to "Validate" them.

Looking For Yesterday (29 Minutes)

A sensitive, powerful documentary captures the pain of life in a nursing home while offering hope through Validation, an innovative helping method that returns dignity. Excellent for all levels of hospital and nursing home staff, the DVD is an on-camera demonstration of Validation. A skilful worker enter the inner world of very disoriented very old people, learns the meaning behind their bizarre behaviors and builds trust. The people develop speech, controls, and increased well- being and self-respect. Produced through a grant from the Ohio Program in the Humanities. Winner of: Silver Medallion, 1978 Miami International Film Festival.

The Alois Alzheimer's Award is presented to Naomi Feil on November 20, 2009 in Vienna, Austria

Video excerpt featuring Naomi Feil from Memory Bridge's recent documentary video: There is a Bridge.

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